How to Create a PayPal Account-100% Free

what is PayPal? that is a Payment Processor of the most popular in cyberspace. PayPal is one of the trusted payment media used by the actors who many online transactions, both seller (merchant) and the buyer. It was not complete if the netter including you do not already have an account at PayPal.

Before you register or open an account with PayPal, first prepare your data to create a PayPal account, such as email address, home address based on ID, phone, etc..

How to Create a PayPal Account-100% Free, as follows:
  1. Go to the PayPal site now HERE or click the banner above to go to the registration page as shown below:
    Tip: If you do not understand English, you can change the default language in Indonesian as in the picture above.
  2. Click the "Register" to register and open a PayPal account, it will open the registration page as shown below:
  3. Select a country (region) and the language used is Indonesian. Then select the type of account you want from the three types are available. I recommend to choose the type of "Primary" just because it has many advantages compared to type "Personal" and can be upgraded to a type of "Business" at a later time if necessary. After that press the "Start". Furthermore, we will open an online registration form page as shown below:
    Fill out the registration form with instructions as follows:
    Email address: fill in your e-mail address you'll use as account / PayPal account. (PayPal does not use such as in a bank account number). We suggest you make an e-mail address specifically to serve as a different PayPal account e-mail address you personally.
    Choose password: enter the password (password) you, you should use a combination of numbers and letters that are not easily predictable for the security of your account.
    Re-enter password: re-enter your password above (must be the same)
    First name: enter your first name
    Middle name: enter your middle name if there is emptied only know if there is no
    Last name: enter your last name if any, or the name of the father or the name of your fam if your name consists of only one word.
    Date of birth: select a date-month-your birth year.
    Nationality: select nationality you (Indonesia).
    Address line 1: content with your residential address based on your identity card
    Address line 2: the contents with you if there is a second address or emptied only.
    City: the contents of your residence city name (eg Jakarta, Makassar, etc..)
    State / Province / Region: content with the provinces according to your address.
    Postal Code: enter your zip code residence address.
    Phone number: enter your phone number, do not forget to add country codes Indonesia is 62. Sample no.Your phone then type 62-21-701234567 021-701234567. If you use the number for example 08123456789 hp then type 62-8123456789.

    At the bottom you are asked to link your credit card data that can be used online shopping, please ignore it (if you do not have a credit card) and do not forget to remove the check mark, then you click the button "I accept, create my account."
  4. Next will open a page that still ask for your credit card data as shown below:
    If you do not have credit cards or have but hesitated to enter your credit card data, please ignore aja, you can directly go to (sign) into your account by clicking the link "Go to My Account."
  5. You will receive a confirmation email that you register and you must confirm your email to activate your PayPalaccount. Check and open an email from PayPal and click the confirmation link contained in it to confirm that you are the legitimate owner of that email address.
  6. Please click the link "Click to activate your account" and will open another window PayPal site that asks you to enter the password (password) you. Enter your password and click the button "Confirm" to confirm your registration.
  7. Next you are asked to make 2 (two) security questions that will be useful if one day you forget your password (password) to log into your account as shown below:
    Please select 2 questions and determine your own answers. An if you forget your password then you will be asked to return it and you give the answer as you make here to access your PayPal account again. Click the"Submit" to send a security question and answer you have it.
  8. Next you will be immediately brought into your PayPal account as follows:
If so then you have officially have a PayPal account you can use for online transactions safely. Notice the account is still in status "Unverified" (Unverified). If you have not yet confirmed your e-mail address as your PayPal account, then you should confirm it first by clicking on the "Confirm email address" as in the picture above.

Then you will be asked to check e-mail sent by PayPal when your registration is accepted. You can click the link in the e-mail, or you wrote copy the given code and insert into the text box as shown below and click the "Confirm":
Well now you already have a PayPal account, for a tutorial how to use your PayPal account, please download the E-book Guide PayPal HERE
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